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Yup, not all my entries are public. Tell me a bit about yourself cos these days I prefer friends around my age, but I pretty much get on with everyone xD

Anywhoo, whether you're adding me or not... Comments are looove and I always reply if I have something to say :P Enjoy~! :D♥

peaceful gave me the letter 'P'...

1) Parents - We have our ups and downs, but I wouldn't be here without them, I wouldn't have survived without them. I love my mum more than anything in the world.

2) Paras - My boyfriend, he's taken over 5 years of my life.

3) Pork! - My favourite meat, apologies if this may be offensive to anyone...

4) Pounds/Pesos - Money! We literally can't live without it!

5) Pink/Pastel colours - Pink could be said to be my favourite colour, but I actually love all pastel colours. They're so... soft. Lol.

6) Penis - Yeah, lol.

7) Playstation [3] - I am addicted. I am a girl gamer!

8) Phone - I am constantly on my phone!

9) Pie? - This is getting difficult now. I love all desserts, I literally start shaking if I don't have dessert after a meal :P It's like I need it, fatfatfat.

10) Oh, Psychology! - I mean, I have a specialised Bachelor of Science degree in this :/

Comment for a letter! ex-oh-ex-oh~
Last week, or just a few days ago I prayed to God. Then last night I received an invitation for interview with the NHS. A priest once told me God does always answer all prayers, sometimes it takes a while but he does. I have faith in this. Thank you, Lord! Not just for this, you've constantly been granting me with your blessings especially these recent years.

I was literally jumping up and down >o<' I have over a month to prepare for this interview (Jan 3rd), the post will be in Mental Health, Prison and Forensics (probably the closest to my ambition) :o I'm so scared I'll mess up! Wish me luck everyone, please! My only concern is that Bracton Centre where I may be working, is in Dartford. Once I have car insurance again, it should be fine. But by public transport it may be a bit of an awkward and quite long route. It's ok, I'm so happy!!

Have a lovely weekend, everyone!xxx

So I was just thinking to myself what a lucky nearly-20-year-old I am... I'm in a relationship lasting 4 years, things at home have settled and I get on with my parents and sister, I have great friends, hardly any enemies, I have a car now, passed second year of uni, have a job with great pay and don't rely on parents, and am planning a holiday abroad with my 4 years! It's hard to get a job these days, car insurance is expensive, teen relationships generally don't last this long etcetc..... Basically, I am really lucky. I think some people can make a big deal out of little issues in life, they don't realise that there are other much more unfortunate people out there... I experience little problems everyday but just keep smiling, and that is the sweetest revenge... But like I said, I have few enemies ;] I can't be bothered with trouble anymore... I just hope I dont sound like I'm bragging, right now! I'm just happy and want to share...? xD

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I have an exam in less than 5 hours, and there's probably no way that I'm ready for it. It's only multiple choice but each question is worth 2 marks. It requires reading of a textbook which I haven't been able to get ahold of (everyone's beaten me to it in the library, and I haven't been able to find it in shops). I'm only focusing on the lecture notes which is highly unrecommended by the lecturers and I don't think it's even getting into my head. I'm just tired... I've had enough of studying... Come here, summer already...

My exam timetable is actually crazy, I can't handle it:

17th - Advanced Cognitive Psychology (essay based)
19th - Brain and Behaviour (essay based)

20th - Social Psychology (multiple choice questions - MCQ)
23rd - Stats (3hr question and answer)
24th - Developmental (essay based)
28th - Intelligence and Personality (essay based)
6th - Cognitive Psychology (MCQ)

The last exam is stupid... It's probably the easiest one cos I only need to revise the lecture notes, yet there's such a huge break before it. All my other exams require extra reading which I'm poor at, and there's no time in between each exam!!!!! God help us!!!!!!!!!! I've done reading an studied hard for my first and second exams. The first one, I cried over afterwards. There is a good chance that module will make me fail the whole year (we need to pass EACH and EVERY module on its own to pass the whole year), even though I studied and tried!! It's not fair... My biggest fear is having to repeat the whole year which will waste a chunk of my life, and that fear is becoming a reality. Hopefully, if I hae to resit in September, it will only be for 1 exam, before I come back for 3rd Year on the following October... I don't wanna do resits, though... I wanna pass nowww. But Tuesday's exam was awfulll..... I guess resits are better than repeating the year... I felt good in yesterday's exam but there's the worry of what my answer's actually worth. I'm starting to worry that my answers weren't detailed enough or scientific. All I want is to pass... It's be nice to do well, but now just scraping a pass will be good for me. I know that's a bad way of thinking...

I shouldn't even be updating, I should be revising but I have no motivation... Please, guys... Wish me luck for later... I've probably failed one module/exam already, this current exam is not looking good... But hopefully my guessing game will go well, arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh.

GOOD NEWS: Jess can legally drive on her own now! I passed my driving test 2 weeks ago, and that moment of joy when I was told I passed puts a smile on my face everyyytime I think of it. As my dad said, it actually makes you 'feel over the moon'. It's hard to pass, and now I know I have this pink license for life! My dad tried to buy a car for me yesterday (even though I'm in Colchester), but the salesperson was very rude so my dad didn't get it -_-; I'm going home on the 28th before my last exam for a break... Hopefully I'll be coming back with my car! Hope my dad finds another good car, with a polite salesperson this time xD

Kool, guyz! Wish me luck... I'll read your journals after exams xxx

This lj app on my iPhone is quite good. I've actually been reading friends entries everyday ^_^ Hopefully I'm getting back into this... I do miss all my friends when I'm inactive. And I miss being like, addicted to this site, lol. A lot of good memories here... A couple of days ago I wanted to leave this, I don't think I will be any time too soon, now.

I've had a pretty rough week, don't really wanna talk about it, hah. But Jean has been trying and has been there for me... :) No offence, but I think boys/men can be slow sometimes when it comes to a girls' feelings/wants/needs, but it's ok :):) I love you, Jean...<3

Anywhoo, I learnt that I may revise better in Starbucks! At home I have everyone talking to me, the tv, the ps3, ughhhhh. I still need to revise faster, though... I can't believe I only have one week left of this Easter vacation and then 3 weeks before exams... Ugh, please... Roll on June 7th when my finals end! [and when Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition comes out, lawl]. I'm not looking forward to working as a waitress again, though! But I have to cos I am actually becoming really poor D: I really should find an educational placement this summer, as well...

I had a nightmare last night where I was driving my dad's car on my own, then there was some sort of festival or carnival and I was trapped in the middle of it with my friends. Then some weird police guy in pink told me to stop being stupid with my car, so I said ok, and for some reason the car turned into a toy car and I carried it home O_o I was scared I was gonna get in trouble for driving on my own without a valid license. Then I got home and confessed to my dad and he didn't say anything... God, dreams are strange. Sometimes I think about keeping a dream journal, but I never do :P

I had another dream where I was with my 2 close uni friends (who I saw on Wednesday in reality), and me and Hanna wanted a haircut. And we were waiting... Only to realise all places were closed cos of the Royal Wedding. How stupid of us, lol.

You know how I had started dieting? It went well :) Until I started eating out... And then decided to treat myself for once to junk food when i spent one week with a loved one... Jeez, lol. But when I got home for Easter I found I lost one stone! But I'm pretty sure I put it all back on now cos my mum sometimes cooks unhealthy food and won't stop buying luxury ice cream!!!!! Which i find myself eating everyday!!!!!!!!!! Going out with friends also means eating out... I went to a CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL at one point. So I've given up and decided I'll just diet again when I'm in control of my shopping and cooking at uni. Haha.

Small update turned big. Love you guyz.

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I replied to my latest comments but I don't think they posted or anything. Even though I hit post and saw it load -_- Well, just wanna say thank you to everyone who's still alive on this, and thanks for all the kind and encouraging words on my twice a year entries *hugs everyone*

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If someone insults you when you're walking down the street, what do you do?

Depends on what it is (hopefully nothing racial), I'd probably just shout at them saying, 'Do you not have better things to do with your life?!' I get angry pretty easily, and I find it hard to simply ignore :/ I have high pride.....
Should people who are sentenced to life in prison be allowed the death penalty as an option, and why?

I was gonna say the prisoner should be able to decide if they wanna spend the rest of their life in prison or just end their own life quickly. Cos it's their life. I was also gonna say it depends on the crime that had been committed. But I'm against the death penalty, only God should take away lives and suicide (choosing to die) is a sin.
Merry Christmas, everybodayyy!xoxoxoxoxoxox