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jesdin's Journal

Miss. Jessica 迪娜♥
31 July 1991
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Jessica Dina Sagun Ugali. Mainly Filipina. East London/Dagenham. Most kinds of music<3<3 All kinds of modern movies<3 Reading. Manga. Video games. ORIENTAL DRAMAS AND OSTS. Anything Kawaii. Chinatown. Foooood. Psychology BSc. University of Essex. That means I love to party/club. Yup, that also means I'm busy. There are periods of time where it may seem like I've completely left LJ, but I always come back :] I catch up with my f-list and comment when I'm active (Y) I mostly update on boys ;P Or anything else I'm obsessed with ><' On my family... Everything, really. I love comments :3

Anything in common? Then go comment on my first entry ^_____^xoxox
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